On Holiday with Stanley and Arthur 1926 - 1957     

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1952 The Continent by Car 

Townsend Channel Ferries

Rome, Wednesday
 We came on here today because Naples turned out to be a noisy, smelly, disappointing flop. We dined in the Santa Lucia  ---  lost the earth. Neapolitans (although charming) are all on the grab. Rome is very different, really beautiful.  One has to see St Peter's and the Coliseum to realise the spaciousness of the Roman idea of architecture. Florence, Pisa & the Italian Riviera tomorrow, I hope. S. 
Love to meet Tony. 
Are you keeping the cards?

Stanley Chandler
13 Aug 1952

 Stanley in Avallon

Sidney at Notre Dame, Paris

Spaciousness of Roman Architecture

 I wish you were still in the car   HBJ 321


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